I am being too kind


Recently in Melbourne’s The Age Fiona Capp favourably reviewed Gary Cox’s The God Confusion (see below), and cited with approval his comment that religious worship was “grovelling”. Sadly it seems that religion has slipped so far from common public knowledge that one of the most uninformed and flippant comments (it could hardly be termed an argument, and is a indictment on someone who thinks he is intelligent enough to claim the title of ‘philosopher’) in Cox’s book can be singled out and praised by a literary reviewer. Perhaps I am being too kind – perhaps that is exactly why it was singled out. That Cox’s book received The Age’s dubious distinction of non-fiction book of the week shows at what level religious discourse is generally held in this country and perhaps in the West generally. Whether this is the fault of the churches or the media or our intelligentsia or the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, I am not fully qualified to assess, but I guess it does also show the sad and sorry state of public discussion in this country, which barely rises beyond the level of polemic. There: I have joined the ranks of the disgruntled religious commentariat.


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