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drawing room

World of Interiors is a great magazine, for a couple of reasons. First, like Todd Selby (, it doesn’t just concentrate on houses decorated with excruciating precision (and pretension) by professional interior designers for fabulously wealthy customers. Sure, the magazine includes some great design, and some of the spreads are indeed of the houses of the fabulously wealthy, and the ads are predictably focused on this high end market. But the spreads of interiors only sparingly cover the latest trends in interior design. They are much more likely to focus on the comfy, historic, artistic or bizarre. Everything from huts in the middle of the woods to a converted lighthouse to the houses of long-dead writers to remarkably untouched examples of commercial interiors. Rather than be drawn by the dazzle of wealth, the editors tend towards the simply interesting. Which means, oddly, that it has the potential to make one view one’s own dwelling in a new light and think “actually, this is nice” (“…despite [insert perceived faults here]”).

And the writing is of a particularly high calibre, be it from the regular writers, or guests such as Will Self and A N Wilson (a pair rarely seen together one would think). Here is a glossy magazine with pretty pictures that is satisfying from a literary perspective and is actually educational.



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