Malcolm Turnbull 2

There is something Nixonesque about new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. This is not to suggest that Turnbull is corrupt. I mean only in the sense of his delivery. Especially when compared to Nixon’s interviews with David Frost. There is the same long-windedness and equivocation, the same careful response, starting with a kind of stuttering gentle, perhaps condescending, admonition, greased with a false smile, and leading to intricate variations on ‘that’s not what I said, what I actually said was…’. Turnbull comes across as someone manoeuvring and contorting to try to squeeze through a vary small opening, in his case perhaps because he is being so careful to be a moderate Liberal, or a liberal Liberal, or to seem to be in agreement with his colleagues when he is not. Or to ensure we know he is in agreement when it seems he is not. In Nixon’s case it was because Nixon was trying to explain that technically he didn’t anything wrong, even when it seemed he did.

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