Lost Chadwick


Every now and then in the publishing world you hear of discoveries of long lost works. Some of them make big news, some of them are less commented on, but significant none-the-less. The manuscript for professor of church history Henry Chadwick’s study of the life of Saint Augustine was discovered among his papers after his death. It was planned for a series from Oxford that was replaced by the Very Short History series, to which Chadwick contributed a very short work. The longer work was eventually published as a stand-alone title by Oxford in 2009. Still under 200 pages, it is, unsurprisingly, considering Chadwick’s background, a good summary of a topic that has lent itself to vast outpourings and classic works, including Peter Brown’s Augustine (and more recently Robin Lane Fox’s brick of a book), and is a good starting point for reading about this figure who had so much influence on not only the church but the West as a whole.


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